What is Educaring?

Educaring is a care methodology first adopted by Hungarian pediatrician, Emmi Pikler and infant care specialist, Magda Gerber. Educaring stems from the belief that infants are born as competent human beings with an individual point of view. Babies can be trusted to learn what they need to know and reach developmental milestones "in time, not on time."
The daily interactions between babies and their caregivers greatly affect learning ability in later life and so the only proper care of any infant must be respectful, patient & attuned to each baby's level of development.

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A baby's environment must be safe above all else. Our mission is to provide an optimal learning environment for your child. Therefore, our rooms contain surprisingly few toys and a great deal of space: to roll, to crawl, to explore. The New Bees infant rooms are divided so that mobile infants can explore apart from those who have yet to walk. We work hard to provide a primary caregiver assigned specially to your infant's needs.


Policies and regulations. Please print and keep for your own personal records.