36 to 60 months Montessori Preschool

What is Montessori?

The better question would be "Who was Montessori?" Maria Montessori was Italy's first female physican who became a preeminent force in early child education. The author of several books, Montessori developed a child-led educational system in which "the hand is the chief teacher of the child." For over a century, her unique system has been successfully implemented in the US and in many countries abroad.

The Montessori classroom implements a unique cycle of learning designed to take advantage of a child's sensitive periods of learning between three and six years of age. Children are encouraged to explore their environment and to pursue their own individual interests rather than follow a standard writing and reading program at a desk.

By the age of six, your child will have explored concrete lessons in mathematics including algebra and geometry, grammar and phonics, sensorial work to refine all five senses, life sciences, geography and history. Your child will also engage in learning materials that have applications in the home. Known as Practical Life, activities like sewing, pouring, sweeping, cutting, washing and folding are mastered in a Montessori classroom (and enjoyed much more at home!).

Montessori wood material for the learnin


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