• Tiffany Wallin

Closure of Business, August 31, 2022

It is with enormous reluctance that I am announcing New Bees will be closed after the last day in August. Many of our families are well familiar with our struggles to keep up with staffing, with regulation requirements during COVID and with funding.

The center has sadly run out of miraculous revivals from the federal government. I do hope, despite all of our closures, all of our last minute call outs and late openings that all of our families have felt the benefits of what we initially set out to do with New Bees, especially for families who have Bees with special needs and learning disabilities.

It pains me that there are too few options for most families with infants and toddlers that require care. I will list other programs below that I am aware of that provide care to those age groups. I will also list preschools in the Seaside area. Many of you may know that Bumble Arts is taking over from Lil' Sprouts in Astoria so hopefully spaces are available there.

Operating hours will remain as 8:00a to 5:00p. For families who pay from the middle of the month or after the 1st of August, billing accounts will be prorated.

I'd also like to remind families that from August 1st, billing accounts will reflect charges for meals. If you choose to opt out of the meal plan and fees, please notify us at or at

Thank you so much for your infinite amounts of support, patience and patronage.

Tiff Wallin

List of Care Facilities for Infants/Toddlers

Bumble Arts

Coast Academy (formerly Soar With Us)

Peace Learning Center

County Kids Family Day Care

Step Ahead Preschool

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