• Tiffany Wallin

New Meal Plans

Meals at New Bees are now priced separately from tuition fees. In an effort to give fair pricing to all families, including to part time students who do not attend daily, all meals are now priced at $1.55 per day, per child.

All meals include breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks (AM & PM).

Families attending full time will see a separate amount of $35 added to their brightwheel billing account. All other families who attend part time schedules will see a separate, prorated, amount listed on their account. Families with infants receiving only breast milk or formula will not have added meal costs on their brightwheel account.

All families have the option to decline any portion of the meal plan costs and instead provide their child with packed meals for the day. If a child spends a full day at the center, then he/she will need to be provided with a full day's worth of meals including breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks.

If your family chooses to send children with packed meals, please be aware that Oregon law requires that children be provided with specific nutritional portions for each meal:

Breakfast: 1 portion each of fruit, dairy & whole grain

Lunch: 1 portion each of fruit, grain, vegetable and meat/protein (protein may include cheese or yogurt)

Snacks: 1 portion of fruit/veggie & 1 portion of dairy/grain

Milk is provided for all children receiving paid meals. Parents may choose to include milk with their packed meals as well.

Families who wish to decline paid meal service should email Additional charges will be voided immediately upon notification.

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