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Updated: Mar 11

This post is meant to help initiate parents with the process of enrollment at New Bees. Below you will find a list of tasks to complete your child's enrollment.

  • You will receive an email from New Bees with notification that your child has been enrolled. The email will contain your brightwheel parent ID code. This code will be needed when using brightwheel to add your child's name to your account.

  • Download the brightwheel application to a chosen mobile device.

When arriving to the center for your child's first day at New Bees, staff will direct you to check in your child using the brightwheel app on your mobile device. The app will prompt you to scan a QR code located in the front office or posted in the care room. Follow the prompts until your child is listed as checked in. For pick up, you will repeat the same process using the app.

For the first day, you will need to bring a few things to store in your child's cubby. These items can be left at the center and picked up as needed for laundering/refilling.

Please note that New Bees provides bottles for drinking water during the day, these are bottles are sent home for washing at the end of each day.

Please bring the following items to your child's care room:

  • Clean clothes (at least 2 day's worth) in a sealed Ziploc bag or small backpack. An extra bag for soiled clothes is appreciated.

  • A blanket (if needed for your child to take naps). Blankets are provided at the center but sometimes the kiddos prefer to bring their own.

  • Food substitutions - parents must provide appropriate food substitutions in lieu of any restrictions or allergies. All food substitutions must follow USDA nutritional guidelines and arrive pre-cut to avoid choking hazards, including blueberries and grapes. Food bags or lunch boxes should be labeled with your child's name.

  • Formula/breast milk - parents of infants must provide all breast milk/formula in prepared bottles. Formula bottles should arrive pre-mixed and ready to consume. All bottles should be labeled with your child's name.

  • Food purees - infants starting solids can be provided with food pureed at home or with store bought puree jars/packets.

  • Diapers/pull ups for infants and toddlers. Pull ups can be provided to preschool children for naps. Diaper packs for infants and toddlers should be labeled with your child's name. **New Bees provides a diaper service using the DYPER brand, inquire at for price and details.

  • Straw cups or 360 cups for infants, labeled with child's name.

  • Bibs

  • Prescribed medications

Immunization records for all children are due 10 days after enrollment. Immunization records can be emailed to or to our Assistant Director, Heather Love:

The New Bees Parent Handbook is available for download. You can review all of our policies on payment, classroom discipline and more!

Parent Handbook (1).docx
Download RTF • 1.20MB

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