Teach @ New Bees

Teaching and Educaring at New Bees offers huge opportunities for career development, professional growth, and competitive wages. Take a look at our job openings and see which may be the right fit for you!

Head Teacher

For the infant, toddler, or preschool rooms: Educaring, responsibilities include staff training/screening, program development, meal prep, record keeping & teaching adult classes. There is an expectation to keep consistent training in child development within and outside of the care center. 
*$35,000 annual salary

Bee Farm


Infant and toddler rooms need a person who would be devoted to Educaring & who continually developed caregiving techniques through professional training. Primary responsibilities would be caregiving, development of Educaring knowledge, creating reports on development & observations for individual children, connecting & conferencing with parents, taking on training in RIE and other professional development courses.
*Starting at $31,500 annual salary

Bees at Work


Responsibilities include food & bottle preparation, trash removal, room maintenance, lunch/shift coverage for teachers. 
This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who needs work experience in child care, for parents who are planning to have children, or for teens looking for after school work.
*$12.50/hour for all hourly positions

Bee on Flower

4253A Hwy 101, Gearhart, OR,  97138

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